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PE Corrector is easy to use tool for correcting Windows Portable Executable files (exe, dll, sys, bpl, dpl,cpl, ocx, acm, ax, scr).

Main window

This program is very useful when you need to correct PE files. Such correction may be very necessary in this cases:

  • Some compilers (Borland C++ Builder 4, for example) don't clear memory before compilation. Because of this the new exe file may contain binary trash in the header. But also it may contain even your personal security data from your disks (passwords, for example). PE Corrector can correct this problem. It simply clean the headers in safe mode and erase all illegal information. Also you can insert your own info into header (copyright information, for example).
  • Some compilers (Borland C++ Builder, for example) inserts into PE files some export functions which are needed for debugging, but not for final compilation (examples of such functions: __CPPdebugHook, _Form1, __GetExceptDLLinfo, @@Unit1@Initialize, @@Unit1@Finalize, etc...). These export functions adds some extra volume to PE file and not necessary in most cases. But it is not the whole problem. If there are many exports in PE file, this file may not be processed correctly by some exe-packers. Also it may contain some secret functions (defence of trial, for example) declared in export section of PE file. This situation is very useful for crackers. PE Corrector helps you to solve this problem. It displays all of the exported functions and gives ability to clean export sections on the optional basis (you simply specify what functions you want to erase).

In summary, with PE Corrector you are able to:

  • Clear binary trash in headers of PE files
  • Insert your own information into header (copyright information, for example)
  • Erase section names (.rsrc, .reloc, .pdata, etc...)
  • Remove relocations table (it was reserved by Microsoft but not used in exe files)
  • Examine the list of the export functions
  • Erase selected functions in export section
  • Examine the internal structures of PE files (resources, imports, exports, etc.)
  • Reduce size of PE files
  • Prepare PE files for exe-packers
  • Protect PE files from crackers

Important: We strongly recommend you not to use PE Corrector for correction of files with unknown structure (system libraries, for example). Such correction may be very destructive. Use PE Corrector only with your own projects.

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