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Hide Master ::: Overview

Do you want to hide windows?

Did you ever want to hide windows without closing them?

Do you play computer games at your workplace?

Do you worry that your boss may catch you unawares during playing?

Do you want to play some online game during short break but your boss don't allow that?

Do you have to quickly close games, Internet browsers and messengers or reboot your system every time when somebody enters into a room?

Are you afraid to look through an adult content on your computer because your wife or girlfriend may catch you unawares?

You don't run ICQ or another messenger when you are not alone because somebody may become interested in your private contacts and conversations, do you?

Do you become annoyed because of a many useless windows on the desktop?

Do you close all programs in which you have worked before leaving a room in order that nobody can see your documents?

If you have answered in the affirmative at least one question, then you probably had to urgently press the reset button of your computer when you tried to keep your activity from somebody. And then you probably had to regret that you had no time to save the game or that your relaxation has been interrupted. But you can hide windows anytime you want rather than close them.

We present to you Hide Master, the computer program which will help you to solve all problems described above. Hide Master is powerful but easy to use tool for hiding windows and programs. Hide Master was designed specially to provide comfortable relaxation and save your time. Now in case of unforeseen consequence you should only press Hotkey combination on the keyboard and all unwanted windows will be hidden. At a later time you will be able to return all hidden windows back to the desktop and continue your work or relaxation.

Hide Master allows you to hide windows and groups of windows at once. Also it allows you to hide windows controls (buttons, comboboxses, listboxes, etc.) manually.

This program is very useful when you need to hide several windows very quickly. Imaging: you are playing your favorite game on your workplace... Suddenly your boss (or anybody else) is entering the room... Earlier you have to press Ctrl-Alt-Del or Alt-Tab to close the game, but now you can just press combination of Hotkeys for this game and the game will disappear (you can hide any window in such way). Later you can continue your game without any inconvenience. It is also very convenient way to hide multiple windows (Internet Explorer, for example) by pressing only one HotKey combination. Pressing another Hotkey restores the hidden windows.

Configuration process is very fast and convenient. Just specify what programs you need to hide and what HotKeys you want to use for it. Hide Master works in hidden mode so nobody will be able to see it. Program also can display its icon in the System Tray area. The hiding process is very fast because you only have to press a HotKey instead of clicking several buttons on your desktop.

So if you are looking for fast, flexible and convenient way to hide windows / hide programs / hide applications, please try our product - it's exactly what you want!

Main Features of Hide Master

Hide Master is a feature-rich application. Central feature of Hide Master is ability to hide windows. Main features are described below. If you want to familiarize yourself with all program features, please visit features page.

  • Displaying the list of the all windows (visible and invisible)
  • Ability to control the visibility of the windows manually (hide windows and unhide windows manually)
  • Ability to hide window (or hide windows) by pressing combinations of Hotkeys
  • Automatic hiding of programs on startup
  • Tray icons hiding
  • Removing programs from Ctrl-Alt-Del list
  • Muting all sounds when hiding programs
  • Organizing programs into groups (the whole group can be hidden at once)
  • Restoring the windows visibility at any moment
  • Flexible configuration process for each window

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Hide Master 1.82 has been released.
What's new >>

Hide Master 1.81 has been released.
What's new >>

Version: 1.82
Date: 08/10/2004

Operating systems:
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP

Pentium 100MHz, 16 MB RAM, 2 MB Hard Disk (or better)

Buy Hide Master now for $ 24.95

Buy for $ 24.95

Very well thought out program... lots of functions that did not think available.

Clayton Freund

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