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About stacks

This is Hide Master's window in the stack working mode:

About stacks

Hiding stacks introduce a very comfortable way to track all the changes made by Hide Master. You can find out how and when the certain program (or window) was hidden, track the hiding history, restore any hidden program. This tool will prevent you from get tangled and will help to return all the windows to the normal view. It also provides protection from Hide Master failures and allows to close it at any time, saving everything that was in the stacks at that moment, so you are able to comfortably continue you work after running the program again.

Thus, you can hide several programs and turn off the Hide Master. Nobody will ever know that there are hidden windows in the system! Later you can run Hide Master again, find the hidden windows and restore them.

There are four types of stacks:

  • Manual hiding stack - contains the programs that were hidden manually.
  • Program stack - contains the programs that were hidden with hot-keys combinations.
  • Group stack - contains the groups that were hidden with hot-keys combinations.
  • Auto stack - contains the programs that were hidden automatically after start up.

Stack button allows you to access any of these stacks.

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