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Activity Checkmarks Manager

This is an Activity Checkmarks Manager:

Activity Checkmarks Manager

This tool allows you to quickly change the activity of the entire program or group list.

Name of Set
This list contains previously saved activity checkmarks' sets. You can also add a new set name here.

This button loads the activity checkmarks set with the name specified in Name of Set.

This button saves the current configuration under the name specified in Name of Set.

This button deletes the activity checkmarks set with the name specified in Name of Set.

This button closes Activity Checkmarks Manager with current configuration as active one.

Thus, to save the appointed activity checkmarks set you need to check the desired marks (and/or uncheck those that you don't need) in the list and then run the Activity Checkmarks Manager, enter the set name and press the Save button. Now you can load this saved set at any time.

Suppose that you saved some activity checkmarks set and then added several components to the list (for example, created three new groups). The only components that will change their activity status after loading of the saved set will be those that were in the set when you saved it. The activity of all new components (three new groups) won't change. If you want it to change, simply resave the edited activity checkmarks set under the same name.

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