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Adding programs to groups

Groups are designed to hide several different programs by pressing one hot-keys combination. In order to do this, you will have to create group at first and add desired programs to the program list. Then just add these programs to the created group and configure group properties.

You can add programs to the group in two ways. First one allows you to set all the groups that contain the particular program; and second - allows to configure the list of the programs in the certain group.

In order to use the first way you need to select the desired program in the program list, and call it's properties dialog, where the two following lists will be available:

Adding programs to groups

With their help you can add/remove selected program to/from the group.

If you want to use the second way, choose the desired group in the group list and call it's propertiesdialog. Two following list will be available to you:

Adding programs to groups

With their help you can edit the components of the selected group.

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