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Group properties

Group settings window:

Group properties

Group Name
You can edit group name in this edit box. It was added only for your convenience and has no functional meaning.

There are three types of hot-keys combinations. You can register them all or only part of them. In most cases you will need just one combination - Switcher. But if you need additional tools for hiding, use all others. Hide Master allows you to register identical hot-keys combination for several groups, it will just warn you about it. Please do it carefully, since it may cause conflicts.

To type in new hot-keys combination, simply press it on a keyboard. To delete it, press Del or Backspace on a keyboard.

Lets examine types of hot-keys combinations:

  • Switcher
    This is a basic type of hot-keys combination. In most of the cases you will need only this type. It toggles visibility of one copy of the program according to the following rules:
    1. If any of the group programs is running, after pressing a hot-keys combination the whole group will be hidden. When hiding a group all of the group's programs (including their copies) running at the moment will be hidden. The fact that the group has been hidden will be recorded in the group stack.
    2. If there is no running group program, then pressing the hot-keys combination restores one of the previously hidden copy of the group (from the top of the group stack). If none of the group's program was hidden, nothing will happen.
    If you are usually working with certain group of programs, this is the most appropriate way to hide it.

  • Show
    Pressing this combination will restore one (top-one in a group stack) copy of the particular group. If none of the group's program was hidden, nothing will happen.

  • Show All
    Pressing this combination will cause restoring of all programs of the particular group.

Here you can see the programs, that a selected group contain. This tool makes it easy to add a particular program to the certain group.

Left list contains programs, which are not included to the selected group; right list contains programs, which were included to the selected group. There are control buttons between the lists which allow you to quickly manage the programs (so to add or remove program to/from selected group).

Group properties Add selected programs group
Press this button to add the selected programs to the current group.

Group properties Remove selected programs from group
Press this button to remove the selected programs from the current group.

Group properties Add all programs to group
Press this button to add all of the programs to the current group.

Group properties Remove all programs from group
Press this button to remove all of the program from the group

You may also select a desired program set and drag it to another list.

There is informative string below the lists, that shows full path to *.exe file of the selected program.

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