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About configuration manager

This is configuration manager of programs and groups:

About configuration manager: hot-keys and autohide properties

Hide Master was initially created to make it possible for the users to hide different programs just in one touch. Using hot-keys combinations you will be able to hide programs or even several programs, which are included in one group. Since hidden programs are then placed in different hiding stacks, these two hiding methods are independent from each other.

Furthermore you can specify options of automatic hiding for some programs. These programs will be invisible after startup.

On a Configure page you can control the hot-keys combinations settings and properties of automatic hiding. This page is divided into two parts, we will review them separately.

This part contains list of all programs. already registered for hiding. Here you can also add another program, remove it from the list, etc... Contents of this list is correspondent to the groups list and shows programs, which are registered in a selected group. To get more information, click on different areas of the picture.

It contains list of all registered groups. An advantage of having groups is that you can hide several programs simultaneously by just one hot-keys combination. If you select an element of the list, than program's sections shows only programs included in this group, To get a detailed description, click on different areas of the picture.

After hiding by hot-keys combinations, hidden programs are placed in a programs stack, hidden groups in a groups stack. After automatic hiding, hidden programs are placed in an auto stack.

Attention: hot-keys hiding is possible only after minimization of the main Hide Master window.

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