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Hiding the "Start" button manually
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Manual hiding
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Working with top-level windows
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Selection of the running programs
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Group properties
Adding programs to groups
Activity checkmarks
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Activity Checkmarks Manager
Universal hiding of active window
Universal hiding by hot-keys combination
The stacks of hiding
About stacks
Stacks control panel
Manual hiding stack
Program stack
Group stack
Auto stack

How to run Hide Master

To launch the program you must execute whm.exe, which is in the directory where you put the program. You may also launch it from the Windows main menu. This loads main program module, written purely on API (this makers it quick and small). You can also launch Hide Master at start-up.To do this you need go to program settings window.

It also possible to launch program with different command line parameters.

Hide Master saves information about hidden windows and programs, so it is available even after the program crash. Just simply relaunch it and you will find full information about your previous hiding on hiding stack page.

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