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Manual hiding stack
Program stack
Group stack
Auto stack


Hide Master is used to hide visible windows. But you can also use it to see certain windows which are normally hidden (for example, different system windows). You may also use to find desired windows and to determine windows hierarchy.

With WHM you can:

  • Explore the list of all windows (visible and hidden)
  • Manually control visibility of the window or its component (button, list, etc...)
  • Hide parts of the windows
  • Show any hidden system window
  • Hide programs by pressing hot-keys combinations
  • Automatically hide programs on startup
  • Remove programs from Ctrl-Alt-Del list
  • Mute all sounds when hiding programs
  • Create different types of hot-keys combinations to hide the program
  • Manage programs into groups (the entire group is hidden after the hot-key combination is pressed)
  • Dynamically switch groups and programs status (to the hot-keys respond only active groups and programs)
  • Track already hidden windows through the hidden windows list
  • Restore already hidden windows at any moment

Hide Master is extremely simple to use. For your convenience we created 4 different tools, which give full control of the windows.

These tools are:

  • Manual hiding - to determine windows hierarchy, to search windows, to hide windows and window components
  • Configuration manager of programs and groups - to hide programs and program groups by pressing hot-keys combinations or automatically
  • Universal hiding - to hide any active program by pressing hot-keys combination
  • Hiding stack - to control all the windows, which visibility state has been changed; it also provides defence from program crashes

But first of all you probably will want to change some program settings. You can set program language, change program look, enable hints, switch Hide Master to the hidden working mode and register new hot-keys combination for Hide Master activation.

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