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Known limitations

This version has following technical limitations:

  • Certain windows do not hide (or reappear immediately after being hidden)
    Usually this happens to the windows which are working with timer. This timer forces repetitive window update (repainting). When you are hiding a window like this, as soon as timer goes off it repaints itself and becomes visible again. Since window itself is controlling its hiding or painting behavior, it is not possible for other applications, including Hide Master, to hide or to show it.
  • Hiding problems with full-screen games If game uses graphic-engine based on DirectX or OpenGL technologies, there is a possibility that it won't be possible to hide it. It most of the cases it happens because of technical limitations of graphic engine (game simply blocks hiding or intercepts hot-keys). You can try to minimize game window (by pressing Alt+Tab or Alt+Enter), and then hide a minimized game.
  • Hiding problems with MS-DOS programs When you are launching MS-DOS programs in Windows, they are executed in special processes context. This causes problems with hiding. But it is still possible to hide it manually. You cannot add more than one program to hot-keys hiding list. Also you cannot add MS-DOS programs directly from the disk.
  • Hiding problems with certain MS Windows programs In most of the cases it happens with programs which uses non-standard system messages processing. It may also happen when program is unusually using its main window (for example, when main window is not the one where user is working).
  • You can't hide 16-bit applications using hot-keys combinations This happens because of the way Windows OS handles these applications. Nevertheless, you can hide them manually.
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