Hide Master Online Help
System requirements
Known limitations
Limitations of the unregistered version
Technical support
Where to get the latest version
Quick tour
Hiding the "Start" button manually
Hiding program using a hot-key combination
Using Hide Master
The beginning of the work with Hide Master
How to run Hide Master
Main menu
Program's main control panel
Command line parameters
Manual hiding
About manual hiding
Control panel of the manual hiding
Working with top-level windows
Working with window controls' hierarchy
Configuration manager of programs and groups
About configuration manager
Programs control panel
Programs pop-up menu
Selection of the running programs
Program properties
Groups control panel
Groups pop-up menu
Group properties
Adding programs to groups
Activity checkmarks
About activity checkmarks
Activity Checkmarks Manager
Universal hiding of active window
Universal hiding by hot-keys combination
The stacks of hiding
About stacks
Stacks control panel
Manual hiding stack
Program stack
Group stack
Auto stack


General information

Hide Master is "international" (see supported languages at http://www.gigamindsystems.com/whm/localizations.php). If you can help us to implement the support to another one(s), please look at the recommendations below.You'll get a free registration! Just don't send us your language file prior to contacting us, as far as such version might be already under development.


Localization process contains 3 stages:
1. You translate the interface and/or help file from one of the available languages into other language (you should know both languages well).
2. We test your work (this may take several days).
3. If we like your translation, we will give you free registration for product.

If you decide to help us, please do the following:
1. Make sure that the identical translation does not exists.
2. Contact us at localizations@gigamindsystems.com.
Please, inform us about the following:
 - What do you want to translate (interface, help or something else)?
 - Products's full name and version (from "About" dialog or documentation)
 - Both languages for translation (source and destination)
 - Do you know both languages well?

After that we will give you instructions for translation.

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