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Programs control panel

This is a programs hiding registration control panel:

Programs control panel

It consist of two parts: control buttons and programs list.

Programs list

List contains programs, which are registered for hiding. This list depends on an item selected in groups list (programs from that group are only shown). You can sort this list by any column, you just need to click its header (gray triangle shows sorting direction). Double-clicking on a list line brings settings dialog for the selected program. Right-clicking brings context menu. If Hide Master can't find the selected program on disk, its name will be grayed in the list. Also you can add programs to this list using drag&drop technology.

List contains following information:

  • Program
    This column contains program name. It is take from program file when you add it to the list. It was added only for your convenience and has no functional meaning. Its contents may be changed at anytime without any circumstances. Also, to the left from the name there is an activity checkmark of hot-keys combinations for a particular program.

  • Path
    This field contains full path to the executable program's file.

  • Switcher
    This field contains a hot-keys combination - switcher, registered to toggle visibility of a particular registered program.

  • Show
    This column contains information about hot-keys combinations for the restoring of previously hidden programs.

  • Hide All
    Hot-keys combination for hiding all copies of a particular program.

  • Show All
    This column contains information about hot-keys combinations for the restoring of all previously hidden copies of a particular program.

  • Suspension
    This field informs if program will be suspended (Idle priority) during hiding.

  • Mute
    This field informs if sound will be muted during program hiding.

  • Remove from Ctrl-Alt-Del
    This field informs if program will be removed from Ctrl-Alt-Del list during hiding.

  • Auto Hide
    This field informs if program will be hided automatically on start up.

  • Groups' Counter
    Number of groups, which this program is a member of.

Control buttons

Programs control panel button Add running program to list
This button brings dialog window, with a list of all launched programs.

Programs control panel button Add program from disk
This button brings up standard file open dialog, where you have to choose an executable file of the desired program.

Programs control panel button Edit properties of the selected program
This button shows dialog window, for changing program's hiding settings.

Programs control panel button Delete selected program from list
This button removes a selected program from the list of registered ones.

Programs control panel button Show the Activity Checkmarks Manager for programs
This button shows activeness signs manager dialog window.

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