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Program stack

While working with program stack Hide Master's work area contains the table that holds all the information about the programs that were hidden by using hot-keys combinations. Every new hidden window is added on the top of the stack. You can influence hot-keys functioning by changing component's position in the stack. Hot-keys combinations that restore the visibility of the program usually pull out the copy of the program that is on the top of the stack. Hence, you can change the order of appearance of program's copies from the stack.

Program stack

The following information is available in the stack:

  • Program
    This column shows the name of the hidden program.

  • Path
    This column shows full path to the program, which window was hidden.

  • Window class
    This column contains information about main window's class name of the hidden program.

  • Text
    This column contains text associated with a hidden window (usually its a window's title).

  • State
    This column contains an information about window's current visibility state.

  • Handle
    Window's system handle is shown in this column.

  • Process ID
    This column contains an information on system ID of the hidden process.

  • Time of hiding
    This column contains information about the time, when the program was hidden.

  • Hot-keys combination
    This column contains hot-keys combination which was made hiding of the program.
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