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Selection of the running programs

This is a window for the selection of running program:

Selection of the running programs

A toolbar is situated In the top of window, rest of it contains list of running programs.

Launched programs list

List allows you to choose a running program and then add it to the registered programs list.

You can sort this list by any column, you just need to click its header (gray triangle shows sorting direction).

List contains following information:

  • Program name
    This column contains program name. It is take from program file when you add it to the list. It was added only for your convenience and has no functional meaning.

  • Path
    This field contains full path to the executable program's file.

  • Window Class
    This column contains main program window class name.

  • Text
    This column contains text associated with a main program window (usually its a window's title).

Control buttons

If program was selected in the list, this button adds to the list of registered programs and opens up hiding settings dialog for this program.

It allows you to switch between to representation modes:

  • Visible Programs
    List contains only visible programs.

  • All Programs
    List contains both visible and invisible programs. Current version does not allow you to control already hidden windows with hot-keys combinations, that is why it is useless to add them to the registered programs list (though you can review the information about them).

Closes this dialog box. Selected program is not added to the registered programs list.

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