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Hiding the "Start" button manually

Here you will find an information on how to use Hide Master to hide windows and window's components.

Step 1. Launch Hide Master.

Launch Hide Master (from the directory where the program was installed to or from Windows main menu). Hide Master icon will appear in the System Tray. Right-mouse click on it and choose Show main window option in menu that appeared.

Main Menu

You can also lunch the program by double-clicking on the system tray icon.

If icon did not appear in the system tray, you will need to run the program with /restore command line parameter.

Step 2. Change manual hiding mode.

Press the Mode button and choose Window controls' hierarchy option.

Hiding the Start button manually

Step 3. Hide "Start" button.

Choose Shell_TrayWnd option in windows hierarchy tree. Then choose Button item in the list of windows and window's elements and press the Hide button.

Hiding the Start button manually

Look at the place where the "Start" button should be. It disappeared!

Hiding the Start button manually

Step 4. Restore "Start" button visibility.

To restore visibility choose the same options in the windows hierarchy tree and list of windows and press the Show button.

Hiding the Start button manually

You can also access windows and window's elements that were changed in more comfortable way by using manual hiding stack.

For example:

1. Choose Stack tab.

Hiding the Start button manually

2. Choose the Button element that was hidden earlier from the manual hiding stack and press the Restore button.

Hiding the Start button manually

You should now have the "Start" button on it's usual place.

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