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Universal hiding by hot-keys combination

This is configuration page of universal hot-keys:

Universal hiding by hot-keys combination

Using this hot-keys combinations you will be able to hide almost every program even without adding them to the list of registered programs. This feature extremely useful when you need to hide some program very quickly but you have no time to register it in the programs list. Hidden programs are then placed in a programs stack.

There are three types of hot-keys combinations. You can register them all or only part of them. Hide Master allows you to register the same hot-keys combination as combinations for registered programs and groups. Please do it carefully, since it may cause conflicts.

To type in new hot-keys combination, simply press it on a keyboard. To delete it, press Del or Backspace on a keyboard.

Lets examine types of hot-keys combinations:

  • Hide
    Pressing this combination will hide active program.

  • Show
    Pressing this combination will restore one (top-one in a program stack) copy of the program hidden by universal combination of hot-keys. If none of the programs was hidden, nothing will happen.

  • Show All
    Pressing this combination will cause restoring of all programs hidden by universal hot-keys combination.

Main options

Program properties Set Idle priority
This flag shows whether program will be suspended during hiding or not (actually, system priority of the program will be set to IDLE).

Program properties Hide from Ctrl-Alt-Del list
This flag shows whether program will be removed from Ctrl-Alt-Del list during hiding or not (Windows 9x only).

Program properties Quick hiding
This flag shows whether program will be hided without minimization or not. This options can increase speed of hiding but may not work with some applications and games properly.

Program properties Hide tray icon
This flag shows whether program's tray icon (if any) will be removed during hiding or not.


  • No mute
    The sound will not be altered during program hiding.

  • Mute all
    The sound will be muted during hiding (with using "Mute All" on your Volume Control).

  • Set volume to zero
    The sound volume will be set to zero.

There are some peculiarities. If stack contains even one program which mutes sound on hiding, the sound will be muted. The sound will be switched on when all of such programs will be visible.

Attention: hot-keys hiding is possible only after minimization of the main Hide Master window.

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